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2007-12-09 - Passing of Bruce

With heavy hearts, we regret to inform everyone that Bruce passed away in his sleep on November 30, 2007. While he successfully treated his cancer through the regimen provided here and in his book, his body was weakened by several other issues, including a sleep apnea (which periodically required the use of a breathing machine during his sleep) and Polycythemia Vera (a blood disorder caused by overproduction of red blood cells in bone marrow).

Bruce's current book, "There's More To Life Than Just Living," will remain in publication. He was also working on a number of other projects, which we hope to bring to publishing in the near future. The materials have been very helpful to us as a family, and we want to continue Bruce's legacy of helping others and sharing knowledge.

Bruce requested that his remains be used for science. As such, we have donated his body and medical records to the University of Michigan for further research. We hope that the knowledge gained from the study of his body and the natural health treatments he used will provide insight to future generations of doctors.

For the time being, if you have any questions, feel free to email and I will answer them as I can.

This website will remain up, both as a tribute to Bruce and his work, as well as a source of information for others on the same journey.

2007-03-20 - Audio of my interview on WMPC in Lapeer, MI is online. You can get it here.

2007-02-28 - We now have a calendar of events up. It lists my in-person and on-air appearances. Check it out at

2007-01-01 - I have published a book on my journey entitled "There's More To Life Than Just Living: A Personal Story About Cancer Survival." It is now available at, Walmart, and Books-A-Million. The book has my personal story, the protocol I developed and followed, and a bibilography of some of the resources that I used to develop my personal treatment regiment.

Welcome to our newly re-designed website dedicated to bringing peace and comfort to those who face the catastrophic consequences of cancer.

It is amazing how a serious brush with mortality tends to bring perspective to those things in life that really matter. This website is devoted to not only my personal battle with cancer, but what should be of value in anyone's life.

I am not presenting this website as a medical practitioner, dietitian, or nutritionist. I am a cancer victim. I have done a lot of investigation since I was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer. The things presented here the result of that effort. It is intended solely as a starting place for you for your own research. It is in no way a substitute for proper medical advice. It is merely presented so you can have a rudimentary understanding of what is happening inside your body. It is frightening. It is nasty. It is deadly! And, the better informed you are, the more likely you will be able to make the correct choices concerning your life.

No one can make the ultimate determination of how to "heal" your body but you. You must choose what is right for you. No doctor, spouse, child, parent or sibling can ultimately make that judgment. It is yours and yours alone. It will be the second most important decision of your life.

Regardless of the outcome, thanks for visiting and we hope that we can bring you some peace and comfort in your time of crisis. If you are having problems seeing the drop-down menu bar, make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.  If you have a browser that doesn't understand JavaScript, you can see our site map here.  We have added a lot of new features to our site, such as a discussion forum and an enhanced search engine. We hope you will find these tools helpful in your search for information and support.

Bruce and Beverly Guilmette


NOTICE: Under no circumstance is there any claim of any kind being made or implied that what I have chosen to do for myself has any merit to anyone other than me. This website or any printed matter I generate as a result of this website is not to be intended or in any way considered a substitute for the services of a medical professional. I am not to be considered in any way responsible for any consequences incurred by those who choose to employ the remedies or treatments I have reported. I make no claim that cancer is curable, least of all by me. I make no claim as to being able to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or infirmity of any type. It is strongly recommended and encouraged that everyone visiting this sight devote time to researching all possible treatment options that make sense to them and that they avail themselves of the expertise of those who are experienced in the treatment and “cure” of cancer; and that they seek whatever additional help and support their conditions warrant.
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